How long will it take for my order to arrive?

This is determined based on your order  (processing timelines ) and your location (shipping timelines)

To determine the expected date to receive your order please add the processing and shipping timelines depending on

your order and your location.​

Processing timelines

For bundles, closures and frontals - 1 business day ( Mon - Fri)  Excluding weekends

For wigs - 5 business days

Shipping timelines 

Most locations take 3- 5 business days after processing. Shipping times may vary but for parcels sent with DHL/ Hermes you will get your tracking number in your email in 1 business day after your parcel has been sent out so that you can know the exact expected delivery date.

Why should I purchase from The Hair Site Raw extensions and wigs?

The method in which our hair is obtained is a rarity in the hair industry.  The Hair Site has the best hair because each bundle comes directly from a single donor’s temple.


There is no better way.


Each bundle is from one single donor and because the hair is cut directly from the donor’s head, the cuticles remain in tact. In other words, the natural direction in which the hair grew from the scalp of the female is not altered.


Most companies are not willing to spend the money it costs to pay donors for their hair, as there are much easier and more profitable means to collect hair. For example, collecting hair from the floor is fast, easy and cheap. Most of the expense that goes into the production of floor hair is in the labor. However, this hair is mixed with hair from various girls and cuticles are not in tact. Meaning the natural direction in which the hair grew from the scalp has been altered - this creates extra tangling and shedding.


Note: There are many chemicals used during production to make floor hair, blended (human/animal/synthetic) hair presentable to sell.


The Hair Site's Raw Hair Collection offers bundles from single donors only and is chemical free.


How many bundles are used to make a wig


This depends on the length  Standard recommendation is 2 bundles for 10" to 18".

For 20" to 22" We use 2-3 bundles


For lengths 24” and longer .We recommend 3 bundles  to add fullness


How many ounces is included in each bundle?

100 grams


What color does the hair come in?

Our raw hair comes in a natural black/dark brown color unless otherwise stated in the details that accompany each of our products. Our custom colored wigs have been colored from natural black / dark brown color


What's the difference between a frontal and closure?

Frontals span from ear to ear and are more versatile for styling. We mostly use the 13" by 4" frontal

Partial Frontals give the illusion of a frontal and its perfect for those who dont know how to work the frontal. We use the  5" by 5" , 6" by 6" and 7"  by7" partial frontal 


Closures are placed in the center front of the head to close the style. We use the 2" by 4" dlosure

What grade is your hair?

Years ago, 6A hair was known to be a very high quality hair grade. As years have passed, vendors have created a grading “battle” in which they will grade their hair higher than other companies to trump competition. As a result, we now have 10A+ hair grades.


The only way to judge is quality - not a grading system. 


The Hair Site Raw Hair Collection produces bundles of hair cut direct from a single female donor. We do not use hair from the floor or from non-human donors. The best and only way to truly judge one hair company over another is by experiencing it. Quality is the main factor. Our reviews attest to this

How long does The Hair Site units last?

Our hair bundles and wigs can last you 3 to 5 years with proper care.


Our lace products such as lace closures and frontals have lesser longevity due to the delicate nature of the lace the hair is attached to. Lace closures and frontals are essential in giving your natural hair a break from everyday manipulations that can cause breakage. These same breakage can also occur with lace closures and frontals.


Lace closures and frontals are designed to be seamless enough to create a flawless illusion of a scalp when installed. Please take proper precautions when combing, styling, coloring, etc in order to increase longevity as much as possible.


Closures and frontals can last several months and though we recommend bleaching the knots of your lace products in order to achieve a more seamless scalp illusion, this can also weaken the knots of the hair and essentially cause shedding and breakage overtime.


Lace closures and frontals will need to be replaced  depending on how often they're worn and how often they're being manipulated. From experience, we've had lace products that have lasted for years but then again, each individual's experience will differ.


Does the hair shed?

Absolutely! Because all hair sheds. Be it made by God or attached to wefts or lace by humans, it will shed. We're yet to come across any hair that absolutely does not shed a strand or two. But! shedding is extremely minimal. Also bare in mind, different styling manipulations can cause extra shedding(ie, tightly curled, being heavy handed, using harsh tools/products, etc) so please take proper precautions when styling/manipulating your hair.


What are your tips for general maintenance?

Co-wash the hair ( do not wash bone straight often)  as needed and do your best to use products that are free of sulfates and parabens.


Steer clear of heavy products such as grease, etc. especially on the straight/wavy textures. A light serum or oil such as argan oil can be added for additional shine/smoothness or to tame frizz.


Deep conditioning is also recommended at least once a month. This is real hair and because it's been cut away from its nutrient source(the donor), the necessary care needed to keep hair healthy have to be implemented in order to maintain its beauty.


For our deep wave/curly textures: If you're on the go, we'd recommend wetting the hair and apply a moisturizing leave in conditioner hen sealing in the moisture with your favorite lightweight serum such as argan oil


Or you may also add a quarter size moisturizing conditioner into a spray bottle filled with water to add moisture 

For maximum conditioning and to make sure moisture remains in the hair as long as possible, it's recommended to always seal in the moisture you've added with one of the above oils/serums mentioned.


Please bare in mind that products such as mousse, hairsprays, etc contain alcohol that can also potentially cause dryness so please use sparingly if you choose to use them at all.

We have a detailed guide of how to take care of your wigs HERE

How to choose which hair texture is best for you?

The curlier the hair, the higher the maintenance. If you just want to wake up and go, We recommend you stick with the straight raw hair textures. If you're daring and a bit more experienced in the hair world, give the curly textures a try!